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I am Kristen, the creator of beets and barefeet! I suppose the first thing is why beets and barefeet. I love being barefoot, I currently live in New England so I can’t always be barefoot but during those beautiful summer months barefoot is how you will find me. Barefoot and in the garden. Now the beets part, I love beets. They are so sweet and earthy and pretty too!

I have been a vegetarian my whole life, I just never liked or wanted to eat meat. That being said I did not have a healthy diet until a few years ago, I rarely ate vegetables, and I pretty much lived off of pasta, pizza, mac and cheese, basically anything with bread and cheese! Not so good for me or this planet we call home.

About halfway through college I became much more conscious of what I was eating and what it was doing to my body and our earth. That is what started me down the path I am on now. During the summer of 2015 I spent a month in Costa Rica becoming a certified yoga teacher. During this time I learned about all things yoga and so much about myself that I decided in October 2015 to become fully vegan. To me living my life this way just makes sense. I was already eating and cooking vegan most of the time but I was making exceptions when I was out or on the weekend. I finally decided to go all in and fully commit. It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

What you will find here are recipes that are delicious, colorful and healthy too! I hope to make this planet a better place to live and eat through plant based recipes, yoga, laughing and love! Join me!






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